Con-Plates Interior License Plate Holder

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If you are like us you hate the idea of having to drill into your front bumper to put one on. You could just leave the second plate at home and risk a ticket and it is dangerous to leave on the dash by itself.

Try a Con-Plate, the convenient license plate holder. It is designed to help you safely display a front plate without damaging your vehicle. it is a safer alternative to putting a plate on your dash. It is about the same size as your sun visor and doesn’t require any tools to install. 

We invented the Con-Plates interior license plate holder for people who don't want to drill into their front bumper to attach a license plate.  

  • Engineered to safely hold your license plate in place.
  • Patented design allows for placement anywhere on the front or rear windshield.
  • No tools to install.
  • Will not damage your vehicle.
  • Made in the USA.

Con-Plates has worked with state legislatures and law enforcement officers while developing this product. We are always trying to do more with state and local law enforcement to promote Con-Plates as a great and safe alternative to not having a front license plate or leaving one on your dashboard.

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